Chieftain’s Message

Chieftain’s Message

Here is the Chieftain’s Message from the 2017 Chieftain Iain Sutherland

For as long as I’ve been in Ardrossan, living as a neighbour to The Ardrossan Highland Games and running a business locally, The Games have been an annual highlight. Year on year the community gathers together at the Memorial Playing Field to enjoy and take part in the best of spirits.  The spectacle of the pipe bands performing is truly resounding and nothing quite stirs my emotions as the sound of the mass pipe band as the pipes skirl and the drums beat displaying tartan and talent abound for the entertainment of all. The Highland Dancers perform with timing, precision, skill and endurance that is a credit to their years of training and practice. Add to this the feats of strength and athleticism as the ‘Heavy’ eventers prove the worth of their training and discipline as they compete where many of us would struggle to lift the equipment never mind throw, hurl or toss it in the way they do!

There truly is something for everyone to enjoy, of all ages.  I love how so many aspects of our vibrant community take part in this amazing event including fun rides, stalls, crafters, entertainers, organisations, charities, churches and businesses.  We live in a diverse community in an area of Scotland with beautiful beaches, shoreline, countryside and heritage.  It’s a credit to the committed and hardworking organising committee, and army of volunteers, who collectively make The Games happen and invite participants from all over the country and even internationally to enjoy Ardrossan and all our community has to offer and share.

It humbles me greatly to follow in the footsteps of previous illustrious Chieftain’s of The Games from our local community and I’m immensely looking forward to seeing you all as we share in this wonderful day.

Slainte Mhath

Iain Sutherland